Early stage development with Cube Orange

In preparation of the International Micro Air Vehicle Challenge in Mexico next year we built a quadcopter to perform various tests early in the development. The missions of the outdoor challenge that we will be competing in focus around mapping of a given landscape, detecting available landing zones with delivery of packages to said landing zones and cooperative carrying of a large package with multiple drones.

The layout and construction of the drones necessary to complete these missions is not yet decided. This means extensive testing of various components and configurations has to be performed in advance of the actual competition to come up with the best drones for the missions.

We are looking forward to more usage of the Cube Orange in the future, leading up to and during the competition. We had the impression of having a reliable and capable flight controller in our hands that could deal with everything that we expected it to do, with headroom for the future.

Aachen Drone Development Initiative, IMAV 2021 Team

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