Ek3_Src1_yaw to 3 not able fix position

Hi.I have problem with my hexacopter and i need a solution for that …im using pixhawk cube orange …in that when i set EM3_SRC1_YAW to 3 (GPS WITH COMPASS FALLBACK) my drone is not able to fix its position its showing as Neet altitude estimate ,need position estimate,fench requires position …but when set EK3_SRC1_YAW TO 1(COMPASS) it can able to fix its position ,but i want to set it to 3 and want my drone to fix its position ,please help me how to do that

Describe your hardware configuration better, and maybe provide your parameter file.
You do have two capable GNSS units right?

You have already been double-posting over at Ardupilot and not answered the questions, so you need to start helping yourself more.

Sorry, I see you updated your thread with
“yes sir im using Two HERE 3 GPS .but the drone is not able to fix its position”

Let’s continue the discussion there.