EKF status always red

I was recently re-calibrating 2 of my drones running on APM2.8, Pixhawk2.4.8 and the EKF status for both of them is showing red (velocity_horiz off and pos_horiz_abs off) this wasn’t the case just a few days back when I flew them perfectly.
I also connected cube orange and saw the same errors.
I’ve calibrated the boards countless times in different locations incase it was a gps issue, but i see those same errors. Moreover the pixhawk is a bit twitchy in stabilize mode and in position hold mode it flips to the back-right (roll right, pitch back).

Firmware version? Logs?

firmware legacy arducopter 4.0.7quad on all the boards, this is the last log of pixhawk 2.4.8 -

There is no way you had 4.07 on the APM

Show me the cube log.

It is running the latest version of the firmware available which is the 4.0.7quad

The cube’s EKF is fine now

The APM2.8 is not showing channel number 6 in RC calibration even though I have connected a 6th channel and in servo output page everything is disabled. Also the flight modes are not changing even though in RC calibration it shows the 5th channel working

APM2.8 is no longer supported.

Please forget the APM, it cannot run firmware that is beyond 3.2.