EKF2 IMU1 forced reset


Im getting this message in the Status window on MP, “EKF2 IMU1 forced reset”, several times. Im using the “lastest” FW from today.

Without the full log, it’s hard to say anything

if i use the stable version, the problem fix it. I did not fly the drone, was just a bench test

When I update the FW to the stable version, the error was gone.

2019-09-24 17-05-08.tlog (250.3 KB)

It’s always a risk using “today’s” firmware, it’s only test is the simulations… always see what other developers are flying, testing etc.

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I know, I just want to report it that way you can check it and fix it for next releases! :blush:

Best report any issue on master directly on ardupilot :slight_smile:

I’m getting the same error Philip, trying to test Copter 4.0.0-rc2.

Ok, it was on a “virgin” CubeBlack. Simply doing the accel calibrations made it go away. So no big deal, but would be more helpful to new users if the message was less cryptic. This appears to be a new message.

I would love all of the ardupilot messages to be less cryptic!

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Yes this, please this. We need a translator lol

Hi ,
I am EKF2 IMU1 forced reset in v4.0.3 and v4.0.0 very often.
In v4.0.2 i am getting ocasionally .

Are these errors mojar , so that we are not suppose to fly until it is solved.

I have attached the logsEKF2 IMU1 FORCED RESET.tlog (273.4 KB) EKF2 IMU1 FORECED RESET . EKF PRIMARY CHANGED 2.tlog (678.1 KB) EKF2 IMU1 ORIGIN RESET.tlog (178.2 KB) EKF2 IMU1 Tilt alignment complete.tlog (2.1 MB)

Make sure you finish all the mandatory setups and have good GPS connection. Everything should work Normal.

are you using the hereflow?

I am not using Hereflow

Thank you for quick help :slightly_smiling_face:

some time I get that error when I plug just with the USB de FC, with no power…

I am getting this message when fc is powered with battery .