ELRS RX Compatibility?

Using a Matek 2400 RX and trying to connect it to C-Orange via CONS/SBus RX/TX pins, changed Serial 5 to 23 but still not getting anything. Thoughts?

Why not try a traditional UART in lieu of the sbus/con connector? Let’s see if the RX is working.

Just checking to make sure I understand correctly, put receiver into SBus mode (v3.3 RC2 of ELRS now supports SBus) and put the TX pin of the RX into RX pin of TELEM1(Serial 1). Protocol is 23?

The receive can output CRSF protocol as well as Mavlink. Set RX to CRSF output and make sure to wire tx and rx to another Serial other than 1 & 2. You can wire it up with a cable like this. You only needs (from left to right) pins 1, 2, 3, and 6 (+5, TX, RX, GND).

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I got the TX to communicate with the Cube via TX>RX in SBus Mode, TX pin to RX on FC (TELEM1)).

Which Serial do you recommend I use for the use case you stated, and why is SERIAL 1&2 incorrect? Also, do you happen to know the Serial Protocol? Would it be SERIALX_PROTOCOL 23 as well?

You need tx and rx in order to get telemetry. Serial 1 and 2 are traditionally telemetry.