Error "Check BRD_TYPE: Failed to init CubeBlack -sensor"

Fairly new to the Pixhawk system, but I’m trying to understand the issue that so far we have had on 3 of our newer systems recently.
What happens is the GPS lights aren’t turning on, however the Safety Switch is lighting up and you can arm it. And when connected to MP it gives me that error in the messages and repeats after “Initialising APM”

So then I tried to set the log to start recording right away by setting Log_Disarmed to 1
However it still wouldn’t record any logs. I formatted the sd card and still it wouldn’t.
Again I’m new to the system, so any information may need to be explained in more detail than typically. Thanks.

Please read this very carefully.
SB_0000002 Critical service bulletin for Cubes Purchased between January 2019 to present.
flight is possible under the following conditions :

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Read and follow the service bulletin

I have just had the same issue. No crash, Cube was working one day and the next its given me this fail message. I have tried all the boot options, I have performed the service bulletin is it time to send it back? Has anyone fixed this issue, if so what seemed to do the trick?

Try to reset all parameters and reload the firmware. If the fail message still show up, send it back for RMA

Tired to reset param’s and firmware. Same issue persists.

I also get this message: “Failed to init CubeBlack - sensor mi”

I will RMA…