Error message "Error pos vert variance" appearance

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First of All , i welcome all of you to this new forum.
I wish this forum will best serve the Pixhawk Cube users.

I am using Pixhawk 2.1 Cube from many years . For sure it is the best open source Autopilot available in the drone market.
But recently i purchase 10 of them and 6 of them are having issues.
Mainly , while PH2.1 is powered from usb cable, it starts to roll / pitch itself and i get this Error “Error pos vert variance”.
When i try to debug the Error source i came to know that IMU1 stops working i.e gyro/acc readings are paused.
When i reboot the PH2.1 i only get 1 IMU left.

Note: Before this i had a crash in-flight due to this error.

Kindly help!!!

Kindly help if someone can dig into this issue.
I can also provide logs regarding this Issue if someone is interested in this.

Anyone else is having this issue…?

are you running nuttx or chibiOS for this? Can this be reproduced with other firmware version or airframe type?

I am running nuttx.
Yes this error can be reproduced with other firmware version or airframe type?

Have you followed the safety bulletin information?

If you are missing IMU’s, please look at that.

Yes i am following the bulletin.

I have sent back all of the faulty Cubes.

I will use the remaining Cubes with the new MP version and will let you know the result.

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I have found the service bulletin Error message and i have Submit this by pressing the Service Bulletin Button.

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