Error signals between Power Selection Module and Cube


I’m attempting design of a Cube carrier board for a non-flight-critical data logging task. (I will register the design as required if it makes it off the drawing board.)

The Power Selection Module is a critical part of the carrier boards designs I’ve seen. However, because my design is not flight related, I’d like to omit it and use a single power supply.

I’ve identified the following signals as going from PSM to Cube, and I’d like to know how to emulate them in a way that doesn’t trigger errors on the Cube:

Signal Purpose
VDD_5V_HIPOWER_OC Error state message from High power peripheral power supply
VDD_5V_PERIPH_OC Error state message from peripheral power supply
VDD_BRICK_VALID Main power valid signal
VDD_BACKUP_VALID Backup power valid signal
VBUS_VALID USB bus valid signal

Can these Cube pins simply be left unconnected, or must they be tied high or low, or something more complex? If anyone can explain or point me to documentation to help, I’d be very grateful.

I just noticed the PSM schematic is on Github, and from this I see all the above signals are pulled up to 5V with 1M resistors. Their names and the fact they are inverted lead me to think the _VALID signals should be tied to Gnd, and the _OC signals pulled up to 5V, to indicate good power on all supplies. Is this correct?