Esc calibration issue: one motor is underPWM

Hi there guys, well I have an issue with my esc calibration, I am setting up a quad x drone and I have 3 esc that has the same calibration but one of them is out of sync, I’ll elaborate on this

When I perform the motor test on MP, 3 of them start at 5% and the last one only start when I dial in 35 % in “throttle percentage”. So far I have done the esc calibration multiple times but the motors still are out of sync as depict in the following pictures.

If the param is needed for any purposes dm me your email

Can you try that motor-ESC set with a PWM tester?
Also, what happen if you swap the faulty esc to another PWM out port? Can you verify which part is faulty?

Alvin hi! Thanks for responding me, but I already solved that problem, it was a clumsy process but I did it. At the moment I need to setup the tarot landing gear in order to retract, manually or automatically. I have a 650 sport tarot from, do you know something about it?

I don’t know how to set it up because, well, it’s tarot and tarot guys are sort of instructiveless-ish with their product’s

I am using TL8X002 Landing Gear Controller from Tarot (pretty sure they only have this model).

What do you need to know?

Basically how to configure it… The module has one port for the main power, one for a Futaba connector, and two additional that I don’t know for what purposes.

I’d like to configure the landing gear so that it retracts autonomously

Check the documentation

Sven please check this video about something happening with the landing gear: sometimes the left ski won’t move or does it erratically.

Hi, I’m afraid I cannot say anything about this. That are other drives than I have for the gear. And I never experienced such bwehavior. Wich type of controller are you using for the gear?

I’m using the same controller as you: TL8X002.
My setup: cube orange w/ herelink, I’m powering the rail servo with a 5v bec. The frame is a tarot 650 sport. Battery 4s 5800 mAh