ESCs no longer set using Here 2 button

I have a homemade drone with a cube black, the latest arducopter, and a here 2 GPS. I’ve been running this drone for about 3 years with out any trouble. Today however, my battery got really low, and after i switched it out, I cannot get the ESCs to stop beeping.

Normally, the pixhawk starts up, plays a tune, and then I push and hold the button on the here 2. Now the Here flashes normally, and the hardware safety works as expected, but the ESCs never play their 4 or 5 beeps to get ready.

I’ve tried updating the firmware on the pixhawk, and I’ve tried a different here 2 puck. No luck so far. I’m honestly not sure if this is a pixhawk problem, or an ESC problem anymore. Nothing obvious seems to have changed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


If your are using Here2 with CAN mode, this is because button is not supported in UAVCAN. You will need the external button. There is one in the cable pack.