ESC's randomly turning off. Help?

I have a new problem with my ESC’s that I am having trouble figuring out. All imput/ideas/suggestions are welcomed.

We have a remote controlled boat. Pixhawk Cube Orange+ running Ardu Rover with two Blue Robotics M200 thrusters connected to two QuikRun 8BL150 ESC’s. We have been running an almost identical setup for the past 5+ years. The Pixhawk has changed from the Pixhawk 2 to Cube Black then Orange and now Orange+. The ESC’s have been the same the whole time. The thrusters were originally T200’s which according to Blue Robotics are the exact same components with a different attachment point as well as different propellers. The electrical components are the same.

I switched to the M200 thrusters a few months ago and since then we have been having some problems with the ESC’s randomly shutting off. At first we thought that we were getting seagrass stuck in the propellers but have recently figured out that if we just turn off the ESC’s and turn them on again that we can continue to use them for another 30ish minutes before one or both shut off again.

As this problem seems to have started after I switched the thrusters I automatically think that the problem must be attached to them. At the same time, as the thrusters work again as they should after power cycling the ESC’s I somehow think the problem can be connected to the ESC’s. Blue Robotics has confirmed to me that the thrusters are the same components, the only difference being that the M200’s have a higher current draw.

Again, any input is appreciated. At the moment my idea is to test different ESC’s but theoretically the components should work together without any problems.

@SoundSearcher Please check if the ESCs expect 5V signal level or 3.3V. Please set BRD_PWM_VOLT parameter accordingly. Also are you using AUX or FMU Servo channels?

Hi @sidbh ,
I am not able to find if the ESC’s expect 5v or 3.3v but as the old thrusters did not have a problem with the signal and are made of the same components I do not think that this is the problem.

I am using the servo channels marked ‘main out’ and not the ‘aux out’.