Ethernet on Airunit 1.1

Greetings All,
I just received our new HereLink with the new Airunit V1.1 with the Ethernet connector on the top of the unit. I was wondering if this could be used to stream an IP camera as opposed to using the HDMI for camera input. We have been using GoPro Hero 7 Blacks for some of our marine builds, but I do not like how you have to turn on the camera each time (we are powering on USV and not using battery). Before I hack up the cable that came with the unit is this what this port is for, or can be used for? We have a slew of IP cameras in the shop that I would like to test out if we can stream via RTSP. If it is for IP cameras, I have a mini 5 port switch that I could hook 2 different IP cameras to, so we could have 2 different views available in QGC. Thanks!

I guess no one has tried…time to modify the cable…

the answer is yes you can. however. on herelink the hdmi video bitrate is tightly controlled based on signal strength. so how well it works for your use case is hard to say, as the cameras you speak of would output a fixed bitrate video.