European regulations

There will soon be European regulations which will require drones weighing more than 800 grams to be equipped with an electronic or digital signaling device on the 2400 to 2483.5 MHz band.

This device must communicate various information such as latitude, longitude, speed, altitude, etc. and must not be encrypted.

I wanted to know if you are working on this subject and if it would be possible to integrate it into the air unit?

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I’m working on it !

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OK, this is great !

We also are! :+1:

Hi, I would know what are you exactly planning to integrate on the Herelink. Will the Herelink integrate the remote drone ID and stream it within the system?


Also will be interesting to know if QGroundControl and Solex will be able to fullfill the Geo-awarness compliance.

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will be the Herelink integrate the geo-awarness and the remote drone ID or not? Please we would need an answer to know the Herelink is the right solution or if we will need to implement some extra software or hardware.

Right now is way to early to be looking at this. The ASTM standard was only just published. It’s not coming into force for over 2 years and then most that will be using this kind of system will not be in the Open Category so it may not need to comply at all.

Craft in the specific category and that is by default going to end up every self built craft won’t require remote ID anyway.

As always some countries, like France, have increase the level of requirements of laws even more than EU regulations demands (probably thanks to the DJI lobbying). So for us, all new drones should be in conformity from July 2020 and all drones already registered should be modified to match the new laws before november 2020.
All those who cannot be in compliance will be grounded !
French law was published on December 29th 2019. Offering only six months to find a solution … The situation is very uncomfortable for drone users in France !
Days are counted…

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I forgot about France :man_facepalming:

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We live in a crazy country… Despite the intensive use of drones for last 10 years, and without any accident in France, authorities restrict us a little more with each new law.

anyway, we need geofencing , altitude alert and identification module … ( Italy)

As far as I know, same in Germany. That is why I was asking about this features. It would be pity if another device will needed for remote identification. As the Herelink is already blocking my wifi signal. There is the Could be this or similar integrated in the herelink?

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any news ?


Do you have more information about these electronic reporting devices ?

I saw that a French manufacturer offered an external device.

I wonder about this French regulation in the sense that the European regulation must enter into force in 2021 and that for the moment, the authorities have no device to detect these signaling systems.

Is Airbot going to offer and off the shelf product? I have see some schematics etc to build your own. I would rather purchase a unit that is ready to go.

We joined our force to Pierre Kancyr (Ardupilot developper) to work on an open source project.
All the sources are downloadable for free on our website :
This project is based on an existing cheap module you can buy for about 35 euros.

We are actually finishing our own versions, much more optimised, plug and play and cost effective :wink: