European regulations

There will soon be European regulations which will require drones weighing more than 800 grams to be equipped with an electronic or digital signaling device on the 2400 to 2483.5 MHz band.

This device must communicate various information such as latitude, longitude, speed, altitude, etc. and must not be encrypted.

I wanted to know if you are working on this subject and if it would be possible to integrate it into the air unit?

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Iā€™m working on it !

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OK, this is great !

We also are! :+1:

Hi, I would know what are you exactly planning to integrate on the Herelink. Will the Herelink integrate the remote drone ID and stream it within the system?


Also will be interesting to know if QGroundControl and Solex will be able to fullfill the Geo-awarness compliance.

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