Explanation cube black vs pixhawk2 // nuttx vs chibios // fmuv3 vs #%$

Hello, I’m new with pixhawk / drone / px4 / ardupilot / bootloader and I don’t find accurate answers to basic questions.

  1. Is there a real difference between cube black and pixhawk 2 ? I have 3 cubes black, 2 black with on the top is written “pixhawk2 cube” (different writing on both) and the third only “cube” (like orange cube). Is all this cubes different or the same with different appearances ?

  2. I take over a project from my compagny so I’m forced to use PX4, can I use as much chibios than nuttx ? Why one should be better than the other with PX4.

  3. Is it better to use QGroundControl or Mission planner ? I always use QGC but it’s so instable ! And cometimes I use MP mainly to reinstall firmware (forced to stay in 1.10.1 cause of ROS application behind which does not work with more recent px4 firmware). Maybe should I upgrade to 1.12.3 and modifie ROS code ?

I’ll create another post later for next questions, but to begin if I could have a good base for my pixhawk, that should be perfect.
Thank you very much for help !!!

  1. No, they are both the same (as far as I am aware, happy to be corrected). Always make sure you are using the latest stable firmware and the bootloader is up to date. Check the Cube Service Bulletins on this site. I think the branding was changed to “Cube” when all the Pixhawk2.x.y clones were appearing and confusing things on purpose.
  2. PX4 uses Nuttix as the underlying “operating system”. Some time ago Ardupilot moved from using Nuttix to using Chibios. There’s certain real-time advantages to Chibios. Unfortunately you don’t have a choice if using PX4. In Ardupilot a narrow range of versions could use either Nuttix or Chibios during the change-over period but quickly moved entirely to Chibios.
  3. QGC should be stable, maybe you’ve got something else going on too. Check in the px4.io forum and raise issues there, unless it’s an issue with Herelink or the Cube of course. QGC will work with both PX4 and Ardupilot, where as MissionPlanner really only works with Ardupilot.
    I would definitely look at updating your ROS application to keep up with latest versions of PX4 and QGC, or you will run out of people to answer questions and help with support.