External HDMI switch and other musings

I’m considering HereLink for a Pixhawk based ground rover. Has anyone here tried video transmission from a rover in densely forested areas? How about USB joystick control through GCS, any luck/any good? The lack of physical switches on the transmitter will require either another controller or some kind of other hardware interface, a few momentary buttons wont cut it.

One last question, has anyone considered/tried running an external HDMI switch (like this: Fosmon 3-Port HDMI Switch 4K 30Hz, 3x1 Auto Switcher Automatic Switching | eBay) into one of the HDMI ports in the HereLink? I need more camera channels too, it’s a beast (c:

Never tried this before, but it is possible to control the vehicle from GCS side via joystick.
If you connect the laptop to Herelink, the command should be able to go through the system. Mavlink system should accept the latest command received. Not sure if this would work.

Yes, I did. 1.000 - 1.100 meter range