External switch function?

I have the orange cube, with an external switch with red led. Everytime i turn on my drone makes intermittent “beep” like the ESC calibration…i have to press the switch for 2 seconds to complete this calibration with a long beep…and led become solid red. Is it normal??
I need to turn on the drone without press always the external switch…Or the problem is still on the ESC calibration wich i have to do everytime?

This is absolutely normal, this switch is a hardware safety switch that cuts the PWM output to your motors, so that’s why you are hearing your motors beeping, they are just saying “I have no PWM”. When you press the button, the PWM output is enabled and that’s the reason for the long beep.

You can disable it by parameters but it is not recommended, it is a safety device that can help people to not get hurt by drones.

More information at: Safety Switch — Copter documentation

Cool, thanks so much!!

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