Failure to connect to MAVLINK Cube ORANGE

I have a Cube ORANGE. I did’t use it yet. I only connected on the usb port and flash the ROVER firmare to get myself familiar with the settings and parameters. Last time when I connected the cube and started Mission Planner, the Mission Planner made and update. After the update I coud not connect anymore to the Cube using MAVLINK port. I can flash the firmware with Mission Planner but I can not flash it with QGC. The cube does’t connect anymore either QGC or Mission Planner. I can still hear the “ready” tone…

Does the COM port show up in device manager?

Yes. They show. NO errors… everything looks good.

Same problem with two new ones that I just bought.


You could be able to connect on Com16.

There can be some issues with MP pushing it into boot loader mode on connection. I’m seeing this my self.

Try as follows.

When you try to connect try to re flash the same firmware you have installed already. You should get an error saying the firmware is already installed, once you have that close the dialog and try to connect

I took one of the cubes home. Installed MP with drivers and everything works fine. Weird is that at the office we did try it on 3 PC-s… running W10 on all…