Faulty herelink switch

Any Help please purchase the herelink system a few months ago…
1 of me kids spilt some water on the controller around the switch ON area thought I had cleaned it well …went on holiday for a few day…now it won’t switch on …will charge to full but no response @ all from switch …so took apart hoping to dry it internal and noticed corrosion around switch area on main board and solder broken off …so believe I Need a main pc board but cannot find any parts any help please
Many thanks

If you opened the case, you voided the warranty.
You may try to clean up the corrosion and probe around. If you can figure out what exact part is dead, we can tell you the part detail so that you can try to replace it yourself.

Thanks Alvin
It was a make or break decision on opening as if was not working anyway …
Believe it’s blown a small tiny regulator or something it’s so tiny it would need the main board so probably best to buy a new one complete as no parts
Many thanks

I’m wondering if there is a water proof case to go around the switching area …just a though as I’m in the UK and we get a lot of rain as I will probably buy another one

Herelink is not designed to be waterproof. So it relies on custom modifications if you’re using it under rain.

Ok many thanks