FCC / CE settings

As there are 2 quoted ranges for US and Europe I was expecting to find a setting someplace to set the power but so far not found one. I dont suppose it needs a GPS input and then self sets like DJI?
If course I want to make sure Im not using too high power here in UK :wink:



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Thanks for that. I was going to ask what is SRRC and MIC, also in those settings but found this, if it helps anyone else.

If i want to use FCC range, which country should i select? I want the maximum pissible range so i would like to go for maximum power

the country that you live in should be the country that you select.

Herelink has only five or six countries mentioned in the list i guess. so what to do for the countries that are not mentioned?

what country are you from


You should pick a country that matches yours own regulations output.

There are only really 4 main options used by all anyways.

United States = FCC
Europe = CE

China and Japan are not generally widely used.

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@Cameron_Sweden now thats called an answer dude…:blush:

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