File transfer over Herelink/ Cube

Hi all,

I have a cube orange connected to companion computer (GPS2 port to USB/serial adpater). GPS2 port is configured as MAVLink port with a baudrate of 115200 and mav forwarding is on.

Additionally I have a herelink control system connected. I am usb tethering the herelink ground unit to a second computer (tether MAVSDK to QGC).

I want to send files from the companion computer to the second computer over the mavlink network. I’m currently trying to use MAVLink FTP (see also File transfer MAVSDK: Protocol Error - MAVSDK - Discussion Forum, for PX4, Pixhawk, QGroundControl, MAVSDK, MAVLink), but I’m not familiar at all with FTP and can’t find any examples of other people that did it.

Does anyone have experience with forwarding files over the MAVLink network? Any help is appreciated.