Firmware for H7 Blue Cube

Until the recent upgrade we’ve been using the Black Cube Ardupilot firmware on the Blue Cube. Now that the Blue Cube was updated to match the Orange Cube we’ve ran into some confusion on the firmware.

Are we supposed to use the firmware for the Orange Cube on the new H7 Blue Cubes?

I would think so, but I noticed this in the documentation and wanted to make sure:

Note: The correct firmware versions for your hardware should be selected automatically by Mission Planner however if prompted to select board type do not select Linux. Select ‘Pixhawk’ and then select ‘Cube Black’.

Thanks in advance!

It looks like the its the same as orange as per the Cube Module overview.

I will look at updating the Wiki for firmware.

@philip How do we identify the differences between the blues as well ?.

We’ll be sure to use the orange then. Thanks again!

Hi,We had laser “H7” on the top case to know it is match the Cube Orange…So if there was H7 on the case,use the firmware for Cube Orange,If not,use Cube Black’s firmware…
Thank you…