Firmware update only with SOLEX?

Hi @philip,
According to this text, it can only be updated if I have the SOLEX app?
So this update incorporates the solex app?
My knowledge of English is very basic and I don’t know if I have understood it well.

No the basics are you need to download the flasher files to update via usb on your pic if you done have Solex.

If you do have Solex you can update via the option to update In the settings via Wifi.

For the first time you need to update via the pc then all future updates can be done via WiFi. .


After Solex update, we have error as shown in attached file.
How to rectify this?

Thanks and regards,

Hi @MadRC,
How do i download the app SOLEX in herelink?

Hi you need to update the firmware via the files on the Wiki below then you will be able to update over the air to the latest version. Please follow the below instruction.