Firmware version

HI Everyone,just a quick question,my herelink is on firmware ARU02200723 and it says I can update to BRU01210313 does this require the air unit uddated by usb or is it the the new mega update not quiet ready yet,many thank’s and good cubeing

It will still be usb. When the big update does land the very first time will still need to be usb to get the Airunit upto the version anyways.


Hello greetings,

I recently bought a HERELINK and I am delighted. I have read that an update of the equipment will start (when would it be?) The version that I have installed (QGC) does not manage to interpret all the parameters that are configured in ardupilot.

This is often the case in QGC even with the later ones but there will be a beta update soon with the later version in.