First flight tune suggestions needed

I have built a 4lb quad with 5010 motors and 15" props. in flight I can’t control attitude the throttle acts more like a on/off switch.
It arms nice but the throttle up is just too fast. Any pre auto tune suggestions would be appreciated.

If the throttle seems to be banging between 0 and 100%, it sounds like you might have an ESC calibration or configuration problem, rather than a tuning problem. Make sure your MOT_PWM_MIN and _MAX are the same range that your ESC’s are calibrated to expect.

Normally I’d say that the default PIDs should be flyable, but 5010 motors with 15" props sounds way overpowered for a mere 4 lb TOW, so maybe not. A flight log would reveal what the controller is trying to do. You can turn on PID logging with LOG_BITMASK.

Thank You. I agree it seems like a esc calibration. I did the calibration through MP so I don’t know what else to try. Again thanks for:

It’s overpowered but I have another 1lb of camera & GPS equipment to be attached. I am hoping to get long flight times with cool motors for heavy use and longer life. However, I have had less than 30 seconds flight and destroyed 2 frames and 1 rfm900x radio in free fall crashes. I will post the log but is’t a real pain because MP stopped working on my PC. (another issue)
I have put the same frame and equipment together with 2216 motors @ 3 lbs and 3508 motors @3.8 lbs. Both did not have this issue flying empty possibly the 5010 is too much.