Fixed Wing Mini Talon First Flight


I am using mini Talon with Pixhawk cube and FlySky i6 ,I want to do first flight which mode I should select for learning and testing my flight

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I normally test in FBWA.

Please ensure All servo are going the correct direction before launch…

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I tried in stabilize mode but proper takeoff did not happen, can you share the FlySkyI6 setup for fixed wing using Pixhawk cube

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Post your log from the flight.

Video your preflight check

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Give your SkypeID

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Discussion here is best. PM if needed

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I have tested many times but It is not flying, motor also got heated

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Check this link
RC Testing-


please suggest which motor I should use , I think thrust problem , please suggest motor specification


Best to experiment a bit. Work out what thrust you have, maybe use e-calc to work out a better motor?


Looking at your video your elevator is moving in the wrong direction. It was hard to tell in FWBA because you weren’t keeping wings level but manual mode is backwards unless you set your stick up backwards from everyone else. Down makes elevator go up. Up makes elevator go down. With the wings level in FWBA mode, if the nose goes down, the elevator goes up. Nose goes up, elevator goes down.

The manual says use * 3536 930kv motor on 4s with 40 amp esc. 3s needs higher KV