Fixed Wing Mini Talon First Flight


I am using mini Talon with Pixhawk cube and FlySky i6 ,I want to do first flight which mode I should select for learning and testing my flight

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I normally test in FBWA.

Please ensure All servo are going the correct direction before launch…

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I tried in stabilize mode but proper takeoff did not happen, can you share the FlySkyI6 setup for fixed wing using Pixhawk cube

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Post your log from the flight.

Video your preflight check

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Give your SkypeID

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Discussion here is best. PM if needed

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I have tested many times but It is not flying, motor also got heated

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Check this link
RC Testing-


please suggest which motor I should use , I think thrust problem , please suggest motor specification


Best to experiment a bit. Work out what thrust you have, maybe use e-calc to work out a better motor?