Flash firmware with STM32 and Boot0

Hello everyone!

Im a newbie in all of this so my question might seem a bit dumb… sorry about that.
I got the Cube orange+ for a school project, we need to flash the arducopter firmware on it but the STM32CubeProgrammer won’t detect the cube in USB. Apparently it has something to do with boot0 but from what i’ve seen people are directly touching the cpu with wires and all. I don’t have the knowledge to do that, do you know if there is any other options?

Let me know if you need any other things (pictures of cube or more details) to help me, and thanks in advance!

Okay I couldn’t find an answer to this question I had but managed to flash firmware with Mission Planner. If anyone know how to do it without mission planner I’m still up to know :smiley:

Normally we do not “directly touching the cpu”.
We always use mission planner to install firmware,
Please try this procrdure

oooh i see, thank you :smiley: i’m gonna check this out