Flasher program behavior when updating HereLink Air Unit

I attempted to update the firmware on my HereLink V1.1 Air Unit.

I followed these instructions:

On my PC, I downloaded and extracted the flasher program. I powered the Air Unit and then connected it to my PC. The PC recognized the Air Unit as a disk drive. (drive E: in my case)

I then ran the flasher program. In it’s windows it said it was detecting the device - and then the window closed. The program did not indicate if anything was done - but it was only up a few seconds - so it didn’t seem long enough to upload firmware.

Thinking I might have a driver problem, I repeated the procedure on my MAC. In this case the flasher program presented this:

I don’t know if these are normal or abnormal results - or if the firmware was updated.

Can someone please advise me on how the flasher utility should behave when it’s run properly?

Thank you!