Flashing firmware to ORANGE CUBE gives 'blue screen'


MP = 1.3.68
Windows 7 PRO 64bit SP1
Firmware file arducopter.apj size: 1253KB,
I downloaded from:

Firmware is located here: http://firmware.us.ardupilot.org/Copter/latest/CubeOrange/ . Right click save as on the arducopter.apj file. Use the load custom firmware function in Mission Planner.

I got this link from Pedals2Paddles post on forum Aug 30 (3/17)

Started to flash OK got about half way then laptop went to ‘bluescreen’
After re-power and on re-trying goes to ‘blue screen’ when USB cable plugged in to CUBE

images attached

Help please, what am I doing wrong, I only got it today !!

Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, it’s very hard to do any form of troubleshooting on it.
Please update to Windows 10, or switch to Linux.

Hi @philip
Thanks for quick reply
Hmmm. I’d prefer not to, I have other engineering/diagnostic tools which are untested on WIN10.
I’m using the the driver set that Michael Oborne said were now good for WIN7

Tried on another WIN7 machine, bluescreen as soon, well 3-4 seconds, as I plugged in
Tried to flash in Q-GCS with a view to then setting it up in MP.
Uninstalled previous old version, then installed latest,
It reported that it could not find the CUBE-ORANGE BL driver. does BL refer to Bootloader ??

Last night it started flashing, with MP (see OP) but fell over about half way through,
Could this be a hardware issue?
Do you want it back for checking out?

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Stephen Thorpe, Order was 23951

Before sending it back, please find a windows 10 computer first. All cubes were tested before sending them too you

You can have dual windows on you computer, but just live will that it will ask the question which windows you wanna run every start up.

I bought a license for equal to $20 for windows 10.

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I’ve arranged to loan WIN10 laptop from work IT dept. Tomorrow morning .
Will let you know how I get on with it
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, if it turns out I’m going to have to run WIN10 then I’ll dual boot my hard drive
I’ve got a 500GB SSD at moment, maybe an excuse to upgrade to 1TB :grin: :grin:


Always take advantage of a good excuse for an upgrade :slight_smile:

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Well… WIN10 flashed the firmware OK :slightly_smiling_face:
Would not connect to MP at first, ran beta updates and got version and then had ‘driver clean’ which on it’s second run gave me two COM ports and was then able to AUTO connect.

The SB2 parameters where checked, only one needed changing.
However in the ADS-B param settings the following did not exist. I searched in ‘Full Parameter List’

So, I appear to be up and running.
Did not have good experiences with MP a few years ago, was happy to try it again but recent days have not impressed me. I really hope things get better :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @philip for your help on this forum over the past few days
What do you think I should do about the missing ADS-B parameters


After enabling ADSB, reboot, and then the other parameters should be there

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I rebooted as I thought that might be the case but still not there.
I must have done something daft
Will try again in the morning

All sorted now :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you


The old drivers is the issue with Windows 7 and the new firmware for the Orange and yellow.

I have found a work around as follows.

1: make sure you install the latest drivers from this site for the Cube.

2: install firmware and try to connect when it blue screens allow it all to reboot leaving the Cube plugged in.

3: once booted do into device manager and find the Cube and uninstall the driver

4: then reinstall the downloaded driver again and let windows detect and install, this fine you should see the two com ports, Mavlink and UAV CAN.

It shous all work now on Win 7. It seems it’s holding on to an older driver and you have to force uninstall.

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Thanks for this I’ll try it tonight…
Although I now have my laptop dual-boot WIN7 and WIN10 however that was a good thing to do anyway even if not now essential to use CUBE
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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