Flight data logging issue

hi to everybody. I’m working on a project, which is essentially a quad. I’ve been using the same autopilot, a cube orange with an ADSB carrier board, for about a year and haven’t had any problems like this. After completing the test flight, I attempted to collect data by analysing the flight logs, but discovered that no data was preserved in the log files. I replaced the SD Card and reinstalled the Mission Planner, but the problem remains. Could someone kindly look at the log and tell me what the most likely reason is? I’ve included the log file for your convenience. Thank you very much2021-12-16 12-11-54.bin (572 KB)

It looks pretty normal. All data are well recorded.

Or is this a normal log?

Thank you so much Alvin,
No, I mean that only a subset of the data is available. Please attempt to get data relating to battery voltage, GPS, and so on; you will see that no data is being collected.
But I attempted another solution: I installed a previous firmware version on my quad, 4.0.3 Stable, and I’ve attached1 01-01-1980 05-30-00.bin (536 KB) the log file from a test conducted after that.

They are still there but with an extra layer.
This is a change from Ardupilot, not Cube.