Flight mode change = low throttle herelink

Hello all,

When I touch Takeoff on my screen it gives me a desired altitude which I can change at anytime during my flight no issues there. I followed every step in https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/tuning-process-instructions.html for 15 inch props shame on me right decided to start with a tarot 960…
anyways this new log

False crash didn’t leave ground too little predefined take off a ALT

First takeoff 5 feet ish everything’s fine switch to ATL HOLD drone slowly starts to fall to ground then I caught it with my hand and disarmed after a few seconds of screwing around.
Second takeoff 4 feet ish everything’s fine switch to STABILIZE drone falls quickly catch drone with hand place on ground.

Log: https://filebin.net/1uw6wbd6bml6zfzg

Looks like the copter followed well with its desired altitude.
Also, why did you started from guided mode? How did you fly it?

Also, your mag looks terrible.

Looks like your RCOUT has something to do with the interference at some points.
Try compassMot to reduce the effect

Herelink setup both stick spring back to centres alt is controlled by touch screen

Have you tried to fly your copter in manual modes? Like not guided or auto modes.
Does it behave normally when switching between manually modes?

If I choose any mode before take off then tap take off and choose altitude it automatically goes to guided. If I switch it to any other mode after its taken off it gives me problems. Can I even put the Herelink in manual mode and do a take off without doing a controller mod? I’ve seen a few video of ppl doing that for fix wing stuff.

I appreciate your response

You can arm your copter by holding the throttle down, and rudder right for 5 seconds.

In this case you have full control during takeoff.

Alvin thank you! I have an arm button on my screen and turns out I have roll and pitch when I do a manual take off the only thing is that I can’t actually fly it like that the throttle is too sensitive and requires me to do a controller mod if I would like the stick to stay were i place it. I still need to troubleshoot mode change drops/crash. Alt Hold should mean the copter stays in the same place but it uses raw input from the controller. Does anyone know how to set up so that mode changes on the herelink controller does not affect altitude? I can not to autotune unless I figure this out.

I need to figure out how to make hover = throttle midpoint
So when I switch modes and the stick is at center the input = hover and not a negative based on parameters where my copter falls to ground.

Does anyone know how to make these parameter changes?

You may take off under certain flight modes:

such as Altitude Hold Mode or Loiter Mode. Throttle stick at middle means hold altitude.

Thanks Alvin, I 3D printed the part for the controller mod so. Cant wait to try it out!

Thanks for your help

Hi Alvin,

I see an issue arrming whereby on the Herelink (both versions) I need to set Throt Cent 0 to set the mid throttle to 0.

Every time I do this it stops the throttle down/rudder right from working (it’s just right rudder)

If I turn Throt 0 off on the remote the arming sequence works but the motors suddenly accelerates to what I assume is 50% thrust.

Given that there must be hundreds of these units out there I’m sure I’m just missing something simple.
Any help is greatly appreciated.