Flight-Mode on boot

good morning everyone.

on Cube Orange I’m bound to ver. 4.1.0 and for reasons too long to explain I cannot put 4.1.5

All good except that the flight mode at boot of the system is “Stabilize” so certain death if it goes into the hands of people who are not very experienced. I would like it to start at least in “loiter” or “PosHold”
In the “parameter list” of version 4.1.0. the INITIAL_MODE command is contemplated but in practice, when I go to look for the command in MP, it is not there. Instead in another Cube Orange that mounts the 4.1.5. the INITIAL_MODE command is present and selectable

I don’t want to manage an LUA file for the initial Flight-Mode and Herelink doesn’t help me with that either

Do you have any advice on this? thank you

Hey @frank

It should appear at the parameter list in MP, as it is defined at Copter 4.1.0 version:

Hi Bruno … Thanks for your kind reply… So this would be the LUA script to be included in the SD to change the default “flight” way?
I hoped not to use a script because I already have others and I would like to avoid loading the system.
But I don’t understand why with the same versions, Cube Orange and Herelink, an UAV starts in “Loiter” while the other in “Stabilize”.
I think it’s something in Herelink’s firmware folds but this is driving me crazy.
And in any case I confirm that the Initial_Mode education would also be included 4.1.0 but I do not see it in full parameter list (another thing that surprises me) and it is not a problem of firmware loading error

Do you have any answer (also imaginative) that can make me reconcile with the world?

Hello @frank

I am really out of ideas, but I think you should certify yourself that these two FCs really have the same firmware.

Also I would try to dig in the mission planner full parameter list in order to find this parameter, because it should appear. Try to save your parameter list into a file in MP and open it with a text editor to see if you find it.

I just did it via the flight mode channel and the initial PWM value of that channel when Herelink starts up. Switching to loiter while booting.

Just take care that any PWM value can only switch to a safe mode like loiter. In case of an undefined PWM state you would not want the FC to switch to a mode like Stabilize or so which would not hold position and or altitude.

hi Sven…

I answer you with considerable delay but the problem remains. I didn’t try your advice but I will try it in a few days.
In practice, go to change the RC5 channel with 875uS trim ?? (if I’m not mistaken the lowest value is Loiter … but I’m not sure and now I don’t have the system here with me)