Flight time estimation wrong 1.3.70MP

@Michael_Oborne i think i found a bug!

Today i was about to program a couple of KML files into flights for the weekend to test.
I am attaching a picture because it seems that the latest Beta i downloaded of MP shows that i need to be in the air for 423:46:39 hours for a 58000sqm field from 120m altitude. Sounds a bit long i think. (just joking)

I just run latest beta update once more and the problem seems to be here.

And here is the “same” flight on another PC with different build of MP.
Now its 6minutes and 32seconds which sounds about right.

Hi the answer is in the right of your screen, in the “home location”, whereas in the first example you haven’t placed a valid home location, meaning MP will calculate home as 0,0 which is the correct distance you can read on the left side.

On the second example you have a valid home position, thus the correct estimation.
I’ve replicated with latest mission planner and there isn’t any bug.

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Hello Dimitris and thank you for your reply.

In all cases on both PC’s i have set home location to some part around my Grid (i was able to see the icon inside the map, but not that it had no values set on the screen to my right).
After Complete Uninstall on the specific test PC that runs only Beta updates (registry entries and all), fresh install and latest beta update, with the exact same field and dropped home the time issue got fixed.
(i just finished with all the cleanup).
After multiple tries to figure out why, i started getting multiple error codes and crashes and thats why i tested the full cleanup.
For now i will keep this post open and in case my investigation this weekend shows that everything is ok i will close this issue, if not i will screen capture.

As a final conclusion and after plenty of testing over two computers i have found that most likely the bug of not setting proper Lat and Long on my screen while having set home (the home icon was set into the map) and receiving wrong estimation times was related with overlapping MP updates and not MP it self, since a complete cleanup, including registry and all Win files gave me proper function.
Prior to cleaning the registry, while having uninstalled and fresh install MP i had 50/50 proper function, since my specific PC would either give me wrong times or a complete crash error.