Flir vue pro is not supporting with herelink

Hello Team,

Here flir vue pro camera is not working with flir power and HDMI converter. I can able to stream the video from hdmi port in TV as 720p and 60 HZ but with herelink i cant able get the feed. After updating the firmware @Michael_Oborne @philip i can able to get the feed of 720p and 60 fps from sony camera but with Flir vue pro i cant able to get the feed. When i use the AV to hdmi convertor i can able to get the video stream in herelink but the issue is the converter size is slightly higher. Is there any other ways to get the video feed from flir VUe pro camera to herelink without adding any hardware convertors.


We use this one and works great with the HereLink

of course we took out the plastica case and RCA connectors, and you get ver small board.

the FLIR HMDI converter for the flir vue pro didint work for me.

Thanks, the board size was 6 x 6 cm. we are looking for smaller than that and compact modules. if in any chance without the extra modules we can interface the flir vue pro camera with herelink

Those cheap chinese HDMI converters don´t always work. You might want to try the video module addon from flir: