Flow sensor used in Hereflow

Which flow sensor does Hereflow use? PMW3901 or PAW3903? The official doc mentions PAW3903 (https://docs.cubepilot.org/user-guides/flow-senor/here-flow#performance) but it also mentions the minimum illumination as >60lux which sounds more like a property of PMW3901.

@_neel newer generation of Hereflow use the newer sensor. If you purchased HereFlow recently you will have received with PAW3903. We will update the documentation to reflect that.

Thanks! According to Pixart, this sensor should work at illumination >9lux (https://www.pixart.com/products-detail/94/PAW3903E1-TXQT). You probably need to update the documentation to reflect that too. :slight_smile:

@sidbh Could you please confirm whether the super low light mode (>9lux) is enabled in the firmware on the newer boards?