FPV solution: MadGaze Glow Plus AR glasses working with Herelink

I just received the 3in1 adapter for my MadGaze Glow Plus AR glasses, sideloaded the Displaylink app to the Herelink and got it streaming right away.

This is a rather affordable, compact solution and since the they are AR you can theoretically keep the drone in sight.


Together with the Hawkeye Firefly 4K (latest FW with forcedable HDMI) I guess that makes a valiable FPV solution thats digital end-to-end.

I measured the lag and it seems the glasses are consistenly 0.07sec FASTER than the herelink screen.
I did about 10 measurements:
The average delay from reference to Herelink is 0.25sec
The average delay from reference to Glasses is 0.18sec

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Can you please do a review of those glasses?

I’ve been looking all over the internet but haven’t found one.

A video review would be great

Hi Jim, these are my first screen glasses and im no expert regarding this kind of product, so I can not really give a qualified opinion.

I am happy with them, the picture is bright and good. Noteworthy is that the sleek design crops the corners a bit, so if you want to use them with office applications where you would like to see the start button and the minimize/close button at the same time, that could be a small issue. But maybe thats just because my face can’t get them close enough. Anyways, thats not what I bought them for, for viewing video there is no issue and i think they are good value.

Thank You.
Can they be used without installing the Android App?
Can you comfortably browse the web or game with them?
Can you adjust the transparency for when you want to see your surroundings?
Also, what kind of battery life do you get with the HDMI adapter?

The Madgaze anroid app is just a settings app.
If you use the 3 in 1 adapter you need a “display link” app to mirror the screen.
If i connect the glasses to my PCs USB-C it is recognized as a screen. My phone has an older USB-C stantard, so that does not work without the adapter.
You can adjust the screen brigtness on the adaper or in the Madgaze app. Thr glasses also have a brightness sensor and a camera.
For the adapters battery life no exact idea, but for the moment I have no reason to doubt the specs.

Edit: anything where you mostly look straight is great, game, video. But something like excel, where your eyes go to the sudes/corners a lot makes it a bit unsharp.

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