Frying of Herelink Air

as the title says, unfortunately I fried the Air of my Herelink system

I am building a 12S UAV and despite having bought a 60V step-down, after a couple of accelerations (on the bench … luckily !!), the Step-Down exploded and having permeated itself, it also spread an extra voltage to poor Air. We will send for repair.

I need some advice and that is to know if an intermediate source of the two batteries is normally used in series or if a Step-Down is used correctly (maybe I had to buy it with a higher voltage such as 70V but they are difficult to find)

I believe it is not correct to power it only on a battery for redundancy reasons but also because this would be unbalanced in terms of absorption (in any case a few hundred mA absorbs them … it is not really irrelevant)

Do you have any advice on this?



What do you mean your step-down exploded with the accelerations? That its very odd.

In general, we use Mauch Electronics or a Matek UBEC (his one just 6S MAx input), are very reliable.

for a 12S, I can recomend the Power Cube4 from Mauch, 14S input, you can power on your cube and have redundad power to the cube too. Beside that, you have 5.3 and 12V bec with 10Amp each.

Add to that you can use the mauch current and voltage sensor to complete your power control system.

Hope you can fix your HL


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thanks RoboMotic for the advice; I immediately bought a Mauch Power-Cube 3 / V3 with two 5.3V and one 12V outputs.
Yes, during acceleration on the bench (without propellers), the stepdown exploded despite being the 60V version.
Now I have to understand how to send the Air to the parent company and with the hope that the repair is not very expensive and above all that it respects human times and not months. I believe in HL efficiency but not in logistics :smiley:
Thanks for the info

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