Garmin LIDAR-Lite v3HP

can we use this version on the cube for auto landing on a plane?

Unit Dimensions|24.5 x 53.5 x 33.5 mm (1.0 x 2.1 x 1.3 in)|

Weight|34 g (1.2 oz)
Water Rating IPX7
Resolution 1 cm|
Typical accuracy +/- 2.5cm at distances greater than 2 meters (Refer to operating manual for complete operating specifications)
Range|5 cm to 40 meters
Update rate|Greater than 1 kHz
Interface|I2C or PWM
Power (operating voltage) 4.75-5 VDC; 6 V Max
Current consumption|65ma idle; 85ma during acquisition
Laser wave length/Peak power 905 nm/1.3 W
Beam divergence|8mRadian
Operating temperature|-20 to 60° C
Optical aperture|12.5 mm


I can confirm this works on I2C on the cube. They are very accurate units!!!

Please just be aware that there are still reports of strange offsets and other minor hiccups with this module.

pixhawk2 blackcube lidar lite v3 hp I have set up i2c, pwm according to the Arduino guide and it doesn’t work.
I applied it to two os, but it is not responding to PWM. The previous Arduino group page was renewed and the parameters and pictures changed. Is there any solution to the error symptoms?