GCS Failsafe

Hello all,
Had an issue today while autotuning my octa. everything was smooth sailing, then had a sudden failsafe. No clue as to why. best guess, is i flew over my telemetry radio null. any help would be greatly appreciated. tried to load .bin, says the file is to large? the log viewer is kinda awful… the bird was maybe 50 feet away.

Here’s the .bin file.


You may check whether any of these situations happened during your flight.

Yeah, I read the documentation. But the only data I can locate, is gcs failsafe_0 and gcs failsafe_1. This is also not a new setup. Its an existing bird. Only change is a firmware update. What I’m attempting to do, is diagnose WHY it happened. I’m not new to my cube, pixhawk, or drones. Been in the game since the wultiwii days. Really wish we could get solid function, and a gui that makes sense to anyone other than an engineer. But what does the end consumer actually know?

This error didn’t show up in the same setup before updating may just because this error did not exist. The GCS Failsafe is a new feature from copter 4.0. It shows up when your GCS has disconnected from the copter for more than 5 seconds. I assume you may had unstable power supply or connection to the telemetry.
You may check if your telemetry is drawing too much power from the Cube. It should not exceed 1.5A.

For the log review gui, you may want to go to the MP discussions

Power system is mauch pl series, 16,000 mah venom 6s battery. Power and ground pins pulled from connectors and powered separately from bec. Redundant power into cube. 3 failsafes in 1 autotune attempt. Airframe was close enough to me to occasionally feel wind from props. Can locate 0 power issues in logs…

I mean the power supply to your telemetry
How much current does it consume? Does it draw power from the telem1 port only?

Telemetry is drawing about .3 amp. Its powered directly from a mauch bec. This bird has flown for 2 years, with 0 changes outside of a firmware update…

The bird is solid.

If it was simple, it would be rectified already. Not to mention, all my rtk corrections, and data transferred. I never had an issue. It simply failsafed. From 30 feet away. I went out and measured…