Get onboard USB-link to ground?


I would like to have a stand alone (or works like) USB-TX and RX. I have the Cube. Is there any telemetry that can allow any USB?

There is a nice full control windows app to control Canon Cameras through USB-cable, but it is hard in air.
Other solution suggestions?

Thank you!

This is essentially what the telemetry does.

Have a look at:

USB or wifi the less wires connecting to the camera is less work for the gimbal. I have always wondered if it would be possible to extend the wifi range of a Canon 6D so that use could be made of the apps that can control the camera.
In the meantime seems to offer the most control and also but the ultimate would be using an app for control

Oh can’t remember that I did not answer and did thank you both for the answers. I am sorry. Thank you!

mboland: I did start with this solution and did get a 3DR 433 MHz used radio kit (together with a lot of other drone things). I did need telemetry anyway so I started here even I’ve already read Telemetry pages and did not think it will extend USB transparent. Works really good with the Cube and Mission Planner in the way it is meant to work. But like an USB extension cord seems to not work.

Due to the cable I have, it did fit to connect my old DJI Naza through the telemetry. But it seems to not working. Ground station is just a USB-cable to the computer. The air-side is the included micro-USB to micro-USB cable. I do power the air-side telemetry from a broken DF13-cable.

I did a second try to put the telemetry module directly to the included programming extension cord to the Cube FC. Can’t connect even with external power at DF13.

So I think the USB-ports can’t initialize/be transparent without a driver.
I did just for fun try if USB-port from the cube was live enough through the telemetry when connected to mission planner. But it was not.

Paradise33: I did check the links, but they seems to be a bit to restricted. I have a IR-eye for RC use that meet focus and shutter needs. But I would like the have a little bit more :smiley:

I have also a 6D and a 600D, but I think I will only have the non-WiFi 600D in air due to the smaller sensors and more compact lenses. EF-S 10-18 is actually very good!

I thinking about a few other solutions, like onboard rasberry pi with windows, the Canon app, another analog video transmitter and just a powerful wireless mouse. Or this radiolink that I found yesterday:

But the best solution must be something that works like the SIK radio attempt.

Hi, a long time has gone, but i am very interested. Are there some solutions to control DSLM-Cams via Wifi extended with herelink or via USB-Transparent-Link from Windows control software for cams?

Hi I use Air Commander Entire for both Sony and Canon cameras. Works great with Herelink.

That look´s great. Which Gimbal do you use for the cameras?

I choose the gimbal based on the weight of the camera required. Any gimbal will do as long as the motors are powerful enough. The main item is the gimbal controller. Storm32 or BaseCam are the two most common.