Gimbal mode with SBUS button

I’m currently with a setup without any flight controller (it’s for a captive balloon, so no motors here, I only could care about barometer) and I have everything 90% ready, except for two main problems:

1- I can’t get video feed in Solex, but QGC works without issue
2 - The object of this post: I can control all the 3-axis from my Walkera G-3DH but I can’t modify the working mode so it is always pointing in the same direction as the aircraft. In the bare manual included with the gimbal there is the table below, about the switch position to modify the orientation mode, but I can’t figure how to apply that in the Herelink config app.

Yep, that’s coffee

This is my current setup for the joysticks

Thank you in advance!

Well, after two days and posting this… I figured out thanks to the Seagull Manual

Just use a toggle button between the two extreme values. I have to try how to set the reset position, because I can’t use a Momentary buton to set 1500 as default value to the same channel.