Gimbal pan and tilt not functioning

The pan and tilt functions of my Gimbal
have stopped functioning. I have the connections from the Gimbal plugged into port 9 and 10 on my control board. I also have servo9_function and servo10_function set to two for pass-through. Additionally, I have mapped 2 sliders on my radio to channel 9 and channel 10 respectively. Yet, Pan and tilt are still not functioning.

Your recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


We need far more information than this.

What radio setup you using ?

How are the channels mapped in RC config.

What version of Ardupilot you using ?

Have you confirmed the gimbal functions when connected directly to your RX?

My radio is a Taranis X9D plus.
I’m using mission planner 1.3.70 build 1.3.7431 Audrucopter version 4.0.3.
I have mapped channels 9 and 10 two sliders on my Taranis and have the gimbal pan and tilt controller wires connected to the auxiliary ports 9 and 10 on my controller board.

Do you mean Aux 1 and Aux 2.

The Cube has motors 1-8 then Aux 1-6. Aux is generally is servo 9 but this still needs to be configured in the prams.


Yes I meant Aux 1 to 6. My connection are plugged in to Aux 1 and Aux 2 = servo 9 and servo 10.