Gimble tilt control using wheel

1-can any one suggest me how to control gimble tilt using herelink wheel any way,I am using Tarot TL3T05 gimble.
2- Please share video how to update herelink Air and Remote firmware

@chandrahas To be honest, some simple Google and/or YouTube searching might be easier and faster than posting a question and waiting for answer.

To control the TL3T05 with HereLink wheel, you need to know (do) the followings:

  1. To assign the wheel to one RC channel. It’s in the user’s guide that @Julien provided.

  2. To assign that RC channel to one of the output channel of your FC.

  3. Assuming your gimbal is in Rate Mode as default, you should be able to control the tilt once you connect the PWM1 cable of the gimbal to the output channel of your FC mentioned above.

There is actually one YouTube tutorial for firmware update within the official instructions.

Hope this helps.