Glitchy Scroll Wheel New Herelink

I opened a brand new Herelink and applied the most recent update.

I’ve calibrated the wheel several times but it seems to just sit to the left or right of center most of the time after returning to center. If I let the wheel ‘snap’ back to center, it will most of the time center correctly. At the end of the linked video below, you’ll see the wheel just not respond at all for a moment.

Anyone else having this issue? I did a search but couldn’t find anything specific to this. Below is the current build information and a link to a video.

Video: Herelink Scroll Wheel - YouTube

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Here’s a second issue with the scroll wheel. When set to accumulator mode and the scroll wheel is moved, the slider will just run to the end. Please see video.

Is this a product defect? I’m on controller #2 now. I can’t be the only one to experience this. Is there a fix?

Hi Chris, yep, its a defect. we have actually paused shippments of herelinks to distributors while we sort this out.

the issue is that the shaft and the potentiometer interface has too much play in it. we are looking for a solution at the moment.

We are sorry about this, and will offer to fix it once we have a solution.

Philip Rowse
CTO CubePilot

Sounds good thank you.

Is there an update to this fix? I need to get this thing working correctly and can’t be without a controller for weeks if I need to send it somewhere.

Hi Chris
May I know where did you get this controller ?
We do have a repair sop for some dealers.
Looking forward to your reply.
Best regards,

Hi Mike,

My dealer here in the US can send it out but that means no controller and lost time for me. Is there a repair guide available?

I’d be very interested in learning how to fix myself as well.

Hi Chris you can send this unit to your dealer and the repair will be done in US.

Sorry, but the repair need special requirements and procedure. Also for the consistency, I think is better send it to your local dealer for repair.

Can I sign a waiver on my serial number and get the directions? Happy to do so to learn.

The turn around time for repair doesn’t fit in my current timeline. Having a defective Cube Orange and Herelink controller is truly unfortunate.

What are you accomplishing or attempting to do with the scroll wheel. Perhaps there is a workaround that can be accomplished in a different manner?

Gimbal control is the primary use case.

That does make it tricky to come up with a workaround =(

Im glad I came across this! I have the same issue, on my second Herelink. After performing the updates and recalibrating, I absolutely abandoned trying to use the scroll wheel. This whole time I figured it was operator error.

If you are in the USA, repairs are very quick please contact your reseller to get it fixed.

I have two Herelink controllers, scroll wheel problem in both. Is the spare part available in Finland?