Gökmen UAV Team & CubePilot

Hello everyone,

Gökmen is inherently a multidisciplinary team bringing together researchers with different backgrounds and interests, including Mechanical, Computer Science, Industrial and Chemical Engineering.

As the Gökmen Team from Istanbul University, which I lead the team, we are developing 2 different projects in 2020-2021: UAV and Fighter UAV.

I would like to take opportunity to thank ProfiCNC & Hex for generous sponsorship that you provided to our team. I am happy to state that your generous and selfless support made us grateful more than we ever imagined. We are very satisfied with the quality and reliability of HEX’s avionics that we use in our projects.

The main objectives of the two projects are;

  • To lock on to the opponent UAVs successfully as much as possible and avoid being locked on to in turn by performing aggressive maneuvers. (dog figth drones)
  • Carrying and dropping payloads, fighting fires.

These chassis of the autonomous UAV is designed by optimized generative design technology. For new and significant developments, follow us;
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Generative Design Drone Frame - YouTube]
Drone Frame FDM 3D Printing - YouTube