GPS and ARHS differ problem


I am having a hard time getting the rover to accept mode change reporting GPS and ARHS difference ranging from 12m to 70m

I have tried to mask internal compass because of a high metal frame but no joy

3dr Pixhawk 2. 1 blue cube

Have you calibrated your compass? Is the orientation correct? Can you mount your compass up higher?

Yes has been calibrated and the variance is coming and going. Unfortunately due to the metal content.

Is ARHS the heading i see thos can be rotated

Can i use just 1 compasses if i use compass mask i tried a few different check boxes what are the actual numbers for the internal compasses so i can mask these.

Do i need a compass can gps work out direction?

You only need one compass, mask out the crap


Thanks i have masked the internal compasses, however i still struggle to mask the internal compasses form communicating and igniting the variance. Also of i wiggle the cube it displays compass movements on the HUD but i am using an extenal unit.

It will show movement regardless of the compass as it’s also using the gyroscopes

Have a look at the actual compass data in the tuning screen to see what’s happening