GPS data from the Cube to embed into EXIF - on the fly

Hello all! I have a question please. I’m working on a project with a Cube and a new camera. The new camera does not have GPS data, so I would like to take the GPS data from the Cube, and embed it into the EXIF in real time. Has this has been done and documented somewhere? Do you have a link that explains this? Thank you!
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in Realtime would require smarts on the camera to accept this. and that just leads to more questions about where the photos are stored etc.
Mission planner can do this POST, but not Realtime.

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alternatively, you would build a device which actually saves pictures out of the camera memory (using PTP or other protocol which let picture to be stored externally), and it put EXIF while doing this

Thanks, Steve. This is what I am planning on doing. The camera does have PTP and will require a storage method, so adding these features and more are certainly possible. Anyone else doing this and had success? Thanks again all!

DroTag does this. I think even AirPixel does the same. It has its own set of Pros and Cons.

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Thank you @Mallikarjun_SE, I did not know about AirPixel.