GPS data on Telem2

hi everyone, dear flight colleagues :slight_smile:

I need GPS data via Telem2 (Telem1 is occupied by Herelink) and I have difficulty seeing if anything is on the TX / RX
I could use a TTL to USB FTDI interface and then check via “Terminal” what the hell is going on those cables but I don’t have enough time to do these tests.

I ask this of the whole group:

How can I be sure (and verify) that the GPS data is sent to Telem2 rather than Telem1? (can I send them to both?). With Mavlink Inspector I verified that the data in GLOBAL_POSITION_INT are present and they are !!!

Is there any tool in MissionPlanner or QGC that allows me to view what’s scrolling on Telem1 and Telem2?

thanks to those who can answer :slight_smile:

look at mavlink inspector, while using a ftdi on telem2

Hi Michael and thanks for the reply.

On Mavlink Inspector I see the lat / long correctly (in addition to other data). I am able to set up an FTDI that receives the data from Telem2 and via USB with a simple program on a PC (Tera Term)…. at the moment, but for reasons of time I will continue today, I see that it transmits something even if at the moment incomprehensible (perhaps I have to fix the interpretation of the protocol).

Should I expect clear reading of GPS data on FTDI as in Mav Inspectror? Thanks again

here I am in parallel with Mavlink Inspector and the “Terminal” program… … I see that something is flowing but I can’t understand. The device that must communicate with Telem 2 is in 57600 N81 and in Mavlink 2…. however, I do not interpret the commands correctly. Could you tell me about another program other than Tera Term?

I got lost in the details and never mentioned the purpose.
The reason for the discussion group question is as follows: I have a Workswell WirisPro thermal imaging camera which is connected via Telem2 (not Telem1 because it is occupied by Herelink)
The data backbone works great because I can perform the triggering of the camera via serial (not via trigger cable) but it seems that on Telem 2 the GPS data does not transit to be incorporated in the EXIF ​​of the generated photos
The manufacturer of the WirisPro asks me to check with FTDI if something is flowing and indeed something is flowing (but with TeraTerm I am not able to appreciate what … it could also be garbage)
So there are 2 cases: the first is that perhaps for some reason unknown to me, WirisPro is able to work only on Telem1 but the manufacturer, although very prepared and available, does not provide me with precise answers … or On Telem2 the GPS data is not in transit, so in this case how can I convince Cube Orange to transmit the GPS data to Telem 2 as well?