Gps interference

First time using a herelink. Pretty cool unit but it’s killing my gps.

Using an M9N and the moment I turn on the herelink sats go down 80-90%. About 6 inches separation from gps and antenna to herelink antennas.

Anyone seen anything like this?

The Herelink system uses 2.4GHz ISM for communication and 5GHz on wifi. It shouldn’t cause any interference on GPS.

In certain circumstances it is still possible to overload a receivers front end with a high level of out of band energy, which I would expect is a possibility with a Here Link antenna transmitting only 6" away.

I suggest Ryan tries to move his antennas an additional 6+" away and see what happens, or at the least, adjust to orientation.

For the record, I have had Herelink antennas as close as about 9" to a HERE3 GPS without issues, but there are a lot of nearly impossible to predict variables when it come to RF.

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Thanks. Yes, these are pretty battle tested setups with innumerable setups done (different rf modules, frequencies, lower levels, etc) so I was just pretty surprised to see something that was low powered cause such an issue (have other setups with 2 watt transmitters at the same frequency, at 5.8 and 1w at 900 in the same spot without issue). It really gets bad if you try and acquire sats with the herelink on.

Moved the antennas about 10 inches but that still wasn’t great. Clear degradation. Ended up just putting the redundant gps (there is a spot for one, we just don’t populate with one unless need be) 20 inches away and left the close in one as the new secondary unit. With 20”+ of separation is was fine but interested to know why this was doing that at such low power.

Definitely going to be using herelink though as a video option on more aircraft (once we figure out different antennas).

Thanks for the advice and feedback.

Can you share a picture showing how did you mount the GPS and Herelink antenna?