"GPS Module Configuration Issue in Ardupilot Orange Cube's POSHOLD Mode"

I have mounted the M9N GPS module on the Ardupilot Orange Cube. While in POSHOLD mode, I am encountering the error “PREARM: AHRS: waiting for home,” despite having a better satellite count and a good HDOP of 0.6.

The error is not occurring in ALTHOLD or stabilize modes but is occurring in POSHOLD.

Thank you in advance.

@Rizwan_031 this is ardupilot related issue, please post on https://discuss.ardupilot.org . HDOP is not the only metric that is used for quality to set Home. Please turn on disarmed logging on the drone using LOG_DISARMED 1 and share the log along with the issue on ardupilot forum. Feel free to @me there.