GPS problems in CANBUS

I have several problems with gps in canbus which i never had when using gps ports:

  1. sometimes even if I have visible satellites I have one of the 2 GPS that does not lock the satellites
  2. Here2 magnetometer has no values in Messages
    In these conditions I don’t trust to fly.
    Here+ V2 + Here2
    In this case I have no gps and no mag but sometime I have gps but not mag…

Any suggestion?

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you never mention ardupilot version??

also have you calibrated since adding the gps’s

Sorry, the new arducopter 4.0.7

Maybe I found the problem, when I use a close ID can (Address) (30 and 31) one magnetometer is not detected, if I use distant ID (41 and 50) everything works.

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thats an interesting find. im not sure on what could cause this, but i will try replicate the problem


Ohh that’s a strange one but could explain some things I have seen people post before.